Learning The “Secrets” of Personality

Four Ways Your Living Room Tell Of Your Personality

Several aspects of your life can be used to describe the kind of person you are. It isn’t always right to look at someone and judge them by what surrounds them but still people will always do that to get to know who you are. Your living room is the center of interest here as it is the part of your home where most socializing and relaxation takes place. For this reason, the living room can and is used to show what type of person you are. Not all aspect would speak the exact truth about you but here are four vital aspects of your living room that speaks tones about your personality.

To begin with we have color. Colors in your living space will insanely say lots about the person you are. If you choose to go dark for the living room, it shows that you are an edgy person who is self-assured. Choosing a dark tone is one way of telling how bold you are with a forward personality. Boldness is also greatly depicted in people who choose lighter colors for their living rooms but this kind of bold is different from the boldness of those who have chosen or rather preferred to go dark. Boldness shown by lighter colors tell of how untroubled you are by mess. A living space that sparkles with a white fill shouts of how confident and sophisticated you are and do not happen to be clumsy.

Furniture too has a way of speaking about your personality. The same way you use adjectives to describe the type of furniture in your living space is the same way those adjectives are used to depict your character. Looking at the furniture in your living room and describing them with adjectives is a way of describing who you are. Do those adjectives show the kind of person you are? Most probably the type of furniture you pick for you living space say classy or fashionable has a say in the type of personality you have.

Another interesting aspect of your living space that can be used to describe your personality is the center of interest in the living room. The focal point is the point at which the furniture is arranged to face. Arranging your furniture to face the television tells of how you prioritize entertainment and look to have fun while at the living area. Another example is placing your furniture facing the coffee table and this says more of you being less into entertainment and more into seclusion. This website can educate you a lot on your living room.

The fourth part of your living room that gives out your personality are rags. If you have rags that happen to be shaggy and less tidy tell of how messy you are and perhaps a free-spirited person while those that are neat and clean show how tidied up you are with perhaps OCD as a personality that you possess.